Tsinghua Tongfang Incubator is a professional incubation platform under Tongfang Group. The management organization is Tongfang Science Park Co., LTD. Tongfang Science Park was established in October 1999 with a registered capital of 20,464,9412,256 yuan.
On April 24, 2013, in order to actively respond to the national and local science and technology policies and shoulder the sacred mission and social responsibility of serving innovation and entrepreneurship, the company began to undertake the "science and technology + capital" incubation function of Tongfang Co., LTD., representing the formal establishment of Tsinghua Tongfang Incubator.
Tsinghua Tongfang Incubator adheres to the path of combining industry, education and research of Tsinghua Tongfang, and realizes the ecological circle of science and technology innovation by integrating industrial operation, science and technology incubation and financial resources.
On December 31, 2019, The controlling shareholder of Tongfang Was changed from Tsinghua Holdings to CNNC Capital, and the actual controller was changed from the Ministry of Education to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. As the only carrier of incubation space between CNNC and Tongfang, tongfang plays a bridgehead role in connecting universities, scientific research institutes and other technological innovation sources.
The incubator has a total incubation area of 16,507.28 square meters, including 1,029.26 square meters for public services and 15,231.02 square meters for available office space for enterprises in the park.
The incubator is positioned to incubate key technologies and application projects in the next generation Internet and its industrial clusters (including the next generation Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, smart home, smart city and other fields).
Relying on tongfang industry, Tsinghua Tongfang Incubator gives full play to its advantages in entrepreneurship and innovation services, integration of industry and finance, and international exchanges, carries out professional operation and management, creates a convenient environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and provides one-stop supporting services for innovation and entrepreneurship.
Relying on the advantages of Tsinghua science and technology talents, to provide professional guidance services for innovative and entrepreneurial talents;
Give full play to the advantages of the network of science and technology parks throughout the country to provide precise upstream and downstream business docking services for innovative enterprises and entrepreneurial talents.
Share the reputation of Tsinghua brand, gather social capital, and provide rich venture capital and financing services.
Tsinghua Tongfang Incubator actively promotes scientific and technological innovation, creating a new pattern of "gathering, aggregation, focusing, fusion" and mutual collaboration. It adopts a multi-level incubation system of "crowd innovation space + incubator + accelerator" to build a service platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the model of "incubation + investment" and "Tongfang industry docking",
Polymerization of tsinghua university, government resources, enterprise resources, capital resources, according to the important degree of resources, determine the way of integration, schedule, and formed "incubation service + + entrepreneurship training + angel investment + open government services platform" five one hatch, and "administration, production, study and research, gold, dielectric, trade, media," such as the eight elements of innovation theory, success to help small and medium-sized enterprise fast growth,
A number of enterprises representing technological innovation and development have been cultivated.
Tongfang Has built more than ten science and technology parks with global production capacity and supporting industries across the country. Through the comprehensive service mode of "science and innovation park + science and innovation space + science and innovation service + science and innovation finance", tongfang has built a collaborative innovation platform of industry, university and research.
Tsinghua Tongfang Incubator adheres to the development path of combining industry, education and research of Tsinghua Tongfang, and realizes the ecological circle of science and technology innovation by integrating industrial operation, science and technology incubation and financial resources.
Relying on tsinghua Tongfang's industrialization development strategy and resources of "industry + technology" and "finance + capital", the incubator adopts the mode of "industry driving entrepreneurship and innovation promoting industry" and takes innovation incubation as a platform to link tongfang industry, Tongfang innovative technology research and development, Tongfang financial capital and other resources of industry and finance mutual prosperity.
To create a one-stop entrepreneurship service system from technology incubation to product incubation and industry acceleration, and provide different physical space and incubation service support for different entrepreneurial groups such as small, medium and micro enterprises, project teams, and college students' entrepreneurial teams.